Meet Scaffold Designer.
The industry’s first fully-integrated course development tool.

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Scaffold Designer is a unique course development tool that changes how you interact with your learning management system. We offer easy-to-use course development features and functionality previously unavailable to academic leaders, instructional designers, and faculty subject matter experts.

Product Specs

What is Scaffold Designer?

Scaffold Designer is the industry’s first cloud-native, fully-integrated course development tool that automates manual processes and improves efficiency for instructional designers and faculty. Come learn how centralized and reusable content can increase the pace of your course development.

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Significantly reduce course development time
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Direct content mapping into your LMS, eliminating the need for HTML
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Content Integrity

A fully configurable system that puts the control back in your hands
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Simple, guided course-creation tools for faculty and designers

How Does Scaffold Designer Work?

Scaffold Designer replaces manual, time-intensive course development processes—like sharing documents, emailing Word templates, and laborious content loading—with direct integration into your learning management system.

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