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The industry’s first fully-integrated course development tool.

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Scaffold Designer is a unique course development tool that changes how you interact with your LMS. It offers easy-to-use course development features and functionality that give you the confidence to create courses that engage students while allowing you to build with the academic rigor you require.

Product Overview

What is Scaffold Designer?

Scaffold Designer is the industry’s first cloud-native, fully-integrated course development tool that automates manual processes and improves efficiency for instructional designers and faculty. Come learn how centralized and reusable content can increase the pace of your course development.

Step-by-Step Course Development Guide

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Using Designer’s guided, step-by-step path ensures that you are taking a systematic approach to delivering a fully robust and thoughtful online course.

  • Create engaging online courses with or without instructional design experience.
  • Create unique, institutional branding and guidelines to produce a consistent user experience.
  • Clearly communicate expectations and course details with an easy-to-use syllabus builder.
  • Streamline course development processes to reduce overall development time.
  • Track course progression from a high-level overview.

Outcomes Builder

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With the embedded Bloom’s Taxonomy builder, you can map your course objectives to outcomes and assessments, ensuring academic integrity and consistency.

  • Create course outcomes that will guide students through the levels of mastery with Bloom’s Taxonomy outcome builder.
  • Align activities, assignments, and assessments with stated learning objectives.

Easy-to-Build Design

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Create your own course style and format without needing advanced technical skills using simple-to-use templates and sophisticated styling features.

  • Design engaging and interactive content without the need for web design experience.
  • Develop assessments to evaluate student performance and provide targeted feedback.
  • Publish course content directly into your LMS within seconds.

Ready to Speak with a Scaffold Designer Expert?

Scaffold Designer replaces manual, time-intensive course development processes—like sharing documents, emailing Word templates, and laborious content loading—with direct integration into your learning management system.

What Designer Users are Saying

"Scaffold Designer gave us a checklist so that everything was covered - all the main components of a course that need to be created were spelled out. It easily walks you through the course development process, and, if you get stuck, the notes guide you.” - Christina McKay, J.D.

“Instead of doing what’s easiest first, the faculty member will progress through a logical process. And, the most important thing is that there is a parallel structure throughout the course - anyone using Scaffold Designer has a comprehensive map.” - Rachel Waite, Au.D.

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