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K16 Solutions is EdTech’s answer for content migration, data archiving, data integration, and AI identification–and it’s revolutionizing the education landscape.

Using the power of our Scaffold Platform, institutions can migrate from one LMS to another quickly and accurately, archive student data affordably, integrate enterprise data seamlessly, and identify AI-generated content at scale.

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We've helped institutions across the globe solve some of their biggest data challenges, and we're ready to help you.


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Some of Our Biggest Fans

"A list of robust courses was provided to K16, and not only were they migrated quickly, the content was placed in Canvas in a way that made the courses ready for immediate faculty use."

- Chris McLaughlin, Wake Forest University, Asst Director

Scaffold Migration

Migrate LMS Platforms

Quickly and effectively migrate your course content from one LMS platform to another.

Scaffold Archiving

Archive Student Data

Archive student data at a significantly lower price point than on legacy LMS platforms and more responsive than cold storage.

Scaffold AI Detection

Identify AI-generated Content

Harnesses the power of GPTZero to comb through thousands of student submissions at once to identify AI-generated content.

Scaffold DataX

Access Any Data Point You Need

Scaffold DataX gives you a 360-degree view of all the data in your enterprise systems by placing it in a neutral data model.

“Archiving by K16 Solutions was much faster than cold storage. It's easier to retrieve what you need, whether it’s content or student data; it’s great to have backups of backups. We’ve had a really good experience with having Scaffold Archiving as our archiving system–it’s so helpful.”

- Dr. Andrea Gilbert, SUNY - Monroe Community College, Asst. Director of Virtual Campus