Scaffold Migration

Mohawk College Migration

Mohawk enlisted the help of K16 Solutions to overhaul its migration before the end of its current LMS contract.

20k Courses in Ten Days

Located in Ontario, Canada, Mohawk College is a publicly-funded college of applied arts and technology. With both online and in-person courses, Mohawk supports a student population of 30,000 and a faculty of 1,100. Nearing the end of its spring semester, Mohawk faced the end of its contract with its current learning management system (LMS). After choosing to migrate its LMS from D2L to Canvas, Mohawk struggled to find a simple, easy approach to migration.The school decided to pilot a manual migration before concluding that a year-long, manual migration was not a viable option for faculty amidst on-going school semesters.

In consistent collaboration, Mohawk and K16 Solutions established a game plan that not only satisfied Mohawk’s strict timeline, but required little to no involvement with faculty members outside of regular classroom hours


Strict Timeline

Mohawk had just a few months before its current LMS contract expired, creating a tight timeline for a migration.

Faculty Involvement

Facilitating a migration mid-semester, Mohawk wanted the transition to be as seamless as possible for faculty.

Student Experience

Supporting both online and in-person classrooms, Mohawk’s student and faculty members are increasingly reliant on a consistent LMS experience.

“K16 automated Scaffold Migration service saved a huge amount of work for faculty, eliminating the need for them to reconfigure and reformat their courses, content, quizzes, and other course materials. The consistency of the data and files that were migrated helped the CTL team to inform, train, and orientate faculty and staff on the new platform.”

– Cebert Adamson, Dean of Continuing Education & Academic Quality

An automated LMS migration was a new concept to Mohawk. Aside from more obvious challenges involving timeline and faculty, the college was weary to implement a new process mid-semester. Through transparent communication and demonstrations, K16 Solutions and Mohawk worked hand-in-hand to ensure a smooth, streamlined process for everyone involved. Through collaboration with key university stakeholders, K16 Solutions and Mohawk set clear goals and objectives to guide the migration process.

At the start of the automated migration, K16 Solutions transferred a few courses at a time, allowing Mohawk the ability to QA content and gauge process accuracy. After several successful touchpoints, K16 Solutions continued its automated migration process, exceeding client expectations and achieving predetermined goals and objectives.

As they transition to a fully online model amidst a pandemic just months after the initial migration, K16 Solutions continues to support Mohawk with its LMS and course design needs.

  • Cloud-based LMS able to support an online learning environment
  • Fully migrated course content with no faculty involvement
  • 1:1 data transfer to new LMS with simplified QA process


Fast Migration

In just 10 days, K16 Solutions migrated around 20,000 courses – accelerating Mohawk’s initial timeline of a year-long data transfer.


Not only was K16 Solutions able to seamlessly transfer course content but with advanced accuracy, faculty was able to instantly access their course content in the new LMS. From tests and quizzes to assignments, question pools and more, course content was accurately mapped and migrated to the new LMS in a ready-to-teach format.

Easy Adoption

As a result of the streamlined migration, both administration and faculty members were able to work in the new LMS easily – drastically reducing the frustration of implementing a new software campus-wide.