Canvas Archiving

Finally, an archiving solution for your Canvas LMS

Back up your courses, reduce clutter, and secure your data—maintaining a cleaner Canvas instance will result in cleaner, more targeted data.

What is Canvas Archiving?

Canvas Archiving powered by K16 Solutions allows Canvas customers to archive course content and student data on an archiving platform that fully integrates with Canvas. Institutions can back up, access, and retrieve content at any time.

Reduce your institution’s risk of security breaches and compliance issues related to your aging student data.

Active Archiving: Content and data can easily move back and forth between Canvas archives and your Canvas LMS with a push of a button.
Ensures Compliance: Retain critical student data for accreditation purposes and manage submissions in order to comply with data privacy laws.
Content Availability: Archived content is fully accessible through an LMS-like interface, not stored in zip files or cold storage.

"We needed a way to back up and secure our course content and data, and that's what we got. With Canvas Archiving powered by K16 Solutions, we can secure our student data, stay compliant, and remain in good standing for accreditation purposes."

- Sam Kelly, LMS & Senior Systems Administrator

How does Canvas Archiving work?

Canvas Archiving works by moving all of your student data from your Canvas platform and storing it on K16 Solutions’ state-of-the-art platform. The course content and student data are integrated with your Canvas platform and remain easily accessible at all times. Users can push individual, archived course content to the LMS and retrieve student data and submissions as needed.

Course content availability

Easily access historical Canvas LMS course content whenever needed:

  • Institutions can access archived course content for grade challenges, audits, and accreditation purposes.
  • Archived content, available whenever you want–yet secure

Student Data Retention

Retain student data and content indefinitely—view, review, or export. Captured content includes:

  • Enrollment Information
  • Student Submissions & Feedback
  • Discussions & Replies
  • Assignments & File Attachments
  • Quizzes
  • Gradebook