Scaffold DataX

Simplify data extraction and delivery

Scaffold DataX organizes and centralizes your enterprise data so you can focus on insights, not infrastructure.

What is Scaffold DataX?

Scaffold DataX is a powerful SaaS-based solution that seamlessly extracts and aggregates data across your LMS, SIS, CRM, and ERP systems. With Scaffold DataX, institutions can stop trying to build a data warehouse and move directly to analyzing and reporting on their data.

Resource re-allocation: Alleviates resource constraints by minimizing the reliance on specialized data engineers and analysts
Automated data aggregation: Relieves tedious manual processes and the time-consuming burden of collecting data from multiple sources
Reducing cost: Eliminates or reduces the burden of multiple roles and technologies

“As an R1 university, UCR strives to partner with vendors who share our innovative spirit. Adding the K16 Solutions team and their technology to our project team allowed us to successfully archive our legacy student data and migrate our campus to Canvas. So when K16 told us they were building a solution to better integrate data from Banner and Canvas, we were extremely interested. We look forward to seeing what we are able to accomplish through this collaboration.”

- Matthew Gunkel, Chief Information Officer at University of California, Riverside

How does Scaffold DataX work?

Access your data quickly and easily at the flip of a switch—saving your IT staff considerable time and effort by eliminating the need to build custom integrations or manage multiple systems of record. Our patented technology effortlessly extracts your data, transforms it into a neutral data model, and exposes it through a cutting-edge Data Lakehouse as a Service (DLaaS).