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We help schools migrate LMS platforms, archive student data, and identify AI-generated content. Explore our services and products.

EdTech's LMS Solution

K16 Solutions’ innovative and proprietary technology powers everything we do–system migration, student data archiving, and AI detection.

It integrates with leading LMS platforms, including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, Open LMS, and Sakai. K16 Solutions has helped dozens of institutions solve their biggest LMS challenges.

Products and Services

Migrate your course content in real time, capturing all details such as quizzes, tests, question pools, and more.

Archive student data & course content more affordably than ever while retaining immediate access in the process.

Detect AI-generated content at scale across your entire teaching and learning ecosystem by using the power of GPTZero.


First-of-its kind technology that automates manual and outdated processes, resulting in significant savings in cost and time


Course content and data updated, migrated, or archived with unprecedented speed, helping you get back to what matters sooner


Unparalleled integration with a multitude of systems that simplifies your EdTech and puts you back in control of your data


Near-perfect accuracy when migrating, updating, or retrieving content and data means less clean up and fewer errors

Scaffold Migration

Migrate LMS platforms

Scaffold Migration is an automated migration service that allows you to move online content from one LMS to another in real time, capturing details such as course structure, quizzes, tests, and even question pools.

No other option gets you from your old LMS to a new one more effectively, efficiently, or accurately.

Scaffold Archiving

Archive student data

Scaffold Archiving allows institutions to archive their course content & student data when migrating to a new LMS platform or when choosing to break free of their legacy LMS provider.

Content resides on K16 Solutions’ platform and remains integrated with your new LMS, allowing it to be accessed at any time.

Scaffold AI Detection

Identify AI-generated Content

Harnesses the power of GPTZero to comb through thousands of student submissions at once to identify AI-generated content.

Scaffold Replace

Replace course content

Scaffold Replace is an automated link replacement and updating service that allows for a rapid transition to a new technology provider. Whether you are updating links and embed codes or are moving to a cloud-based offering.

Scaffold Replace can find and replace anything across any of your courses, instantly.