Scaffold Archiving

Archiving Student Data Is More Affordable Than Ever

Scaffold Archiving allows institutions to archive their course content and student data at a much lower cost than any other option.

Let’s Start Archiving

What is Scaffold Archiving?

Course archiving on a legacy LMS platform is vastly overpriced. Cold storage of historical content is time consuming and inefficient. With K16 Solutions, administrators can archive course content & student data on the Scaffold platform at a fraction of the price and access that data quickly and easily at any time. Institutions can finally retire their legacy LMS.

Affordable: Our cloud-based, innovative solution allows us to offer institutions archiving options at a more cost-effective price than any other solution on the market.
Accessible: Institutions have immediate access to course content and student data through an integrated solution.

“We had a tremendous experience working with the K16 Solutions team in helping us migrate from Blackboard to Canvas, so when we heard about the savings and benefits of archiving student data on their Scaffold platform, we jumped at the chance. We can now use those cost savings for other critical areas within our operations or academic departments."

- Carol Ann MacGregor, Vice Provost, Loyola University New Orleans

How does Archiving Work?

Scaffold Archiving works by moving all of your student data from your legacy LMS and storing it on Scaffold’s state-of-the-art platform. The course content and student data remain integrated with your new LMS platform and remain easily accessible at any time. Whether you’re migrating to a new LMS or merely looking to reduce your archiving costs, Scaffold Archiving is the smartest and most economical choice.

More Cost-Effective

No upfront costs and a flat monthly rate

  • Reinvest cost savings into other critical operations or academic departments
  • Realign resources to support learning and teaching rather than platform and server maintenance with the powerful automation of Scaffold technology

Course Content Availability

Easily access historical course content as needed and retain the option for future migrations 

  • Hot storage means institutions can access archived course content whenever and wherever they want
  • Retain the option of migrating course content in the future

Student Data Accessibility

Retain student data and content indefinitely; view, review, and print to PDF.

Content Captured Includes:

  • Enrollment Information
  • Student Submissions
  • Discussions & Replies
  • File Attachments
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Feedback
  • Gradebook