Scaffold AI Detection

Detecting AI-generated content at scale is here

Scaffold AI Detection allows institutions to quickly and accurately identify AI-generated student-submitted content using GPTZero

What is Scaffold AI Detection?

Scaffold AI Detection is a powerful technology that harnesses the power of GPTZero and scales it across an institution’s teaching and learning ecosystem, resulting in the ability to comb through thousands of student submissions at once to identify AI-generated content. 

Institutions can now finally detect potential AI-generated content such as quizzes, essays, assignments, online discussion posts, and more.

Scalable Eliminates the burden of spot-checking student submissions, one by one, for AI-generated content.
Complete picture Provides a holistic picture of how much student-submitted content is potentially AI-generated.

“We understand the broader implications this type of AI technology will have on higher education. While the future of how this will be applied in higher ed is still unknown, we are pleased to be at the forefront of collaborating with some of the most renowned leading-edge education technology companies to test their solutions to this problem.”

- Ben Murray, Executive Vice President and CFO, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

How does Scaffold AI Detection work?

Scaffold AI Detection identifies AI-generated student-submitted content through an LTI integration with your LMS. Leveraging GPTZero, the market-leading AI detection software, it scans thousands of student submissions at once. The result is a complete picture of how much student-submitted content is potentially AI-generated–whether it’s across the entire institution or an academic department.