Scaffold AI Detection

Identifying AI-generated content at scale is here for Canvas users

Scaffold AI Detection allows institutions to quickly and accurately identify AI-generated student-submitted content using GPTZero

What is Scaffold AI Detection?

Scaffold AI Detection is a powerful technology that harnesses the power of GPTZero and scales it across an institution’s teaching and learning ecosystem, resulting in the ability to comb through thousands of student submissions at once to identify AI-generated content. 

Institutions can now finally identify potential AI-generated content such as quizzes, essays, assignments, online discussion posts, and more within their Canvas LMS.

Scalable Eliminates the burden of spot-checking student submissions, one by one, for AI-generated content.
Complete picture Provides a holistic picture of how much student-submitted content is potentially AI-generated.

“The granular information provided by Scaffold AI Detection allows administrators the ability to observe AI usage across the institution down to a single student. Faculty can identify the AI usage specific to their courses, students, and assignments. This data could provide guidance on what type of education, parameters, and/or policies would need to be in place to promote an innovative and healthy use of AI.”

- Catalina Ramírez, Director of e-learning, South Piedmont Community College

How does Scaffold AI Detection work?

Scaffold AI Detection identifies AI-generated student-submitted content through an LTI integration with Canvas. Leveraging GPTZero, the market-leading AI detection software, it scans thousands of student submissions at once. The result is a complete picture of how much student-submitted content is potentially AI-generated–whether it’s across the entire institution or an academic department.

Scan thousands of student submissions at once

By combining the powers of the Scaffold platform with GPTZero’s AI detection software, Scaffold AI Detection allows you to scan thousands of student submissions across the entire institution.

  • Faculty no longer have to scan each submission one-by-one
  • Saves time, giving staff & faculty the ability to focus energy on students and academics

Get a complete picture of all student-submitted content

Easily run reports that provide the likelihood any submission was AI-generated by the student, course, department, or entire institution.

  • Gives high-level visibility of how much AI is likely being used by students
  • Empowers institutions with the data needed to make decisions concerning AI-generated content

Analyze all submission types

Scaffold AI Detection is not limited by submission type. Identify potential AI-generated content in quizzes, essays, assignments, online discussion posts, and more, including .docx, .doc, and .pdf files.

  • Gives faculty the visibility they need to understand the specific areas and assignments where students are using AI-generated content
  • Provides the most accurate data to help make decisions regarding academic integrity