GPTZero & K16 Combine Technologies for AI-Detection Solution

K16 Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in EdTech for content and data migration, archiving, and integration, announced today a groundbreaking partnership with GPTZero, Inc., an AI detection solution founded by Edward Tian.

This partnership will combine the powerful technology of both parties. By leveraging K16’s innovative technology, which can uniquely push, pull, and move mass amounts of data across EdTech enterprise systems, GPTZero’s state-of-the-art AI detection software can be applied to an institution’s entire teaching and learning ecosystem. 

As a result, institutions will be able to receive daily results from the analysis and assessment of thousands of student submissions for potential AI-generated content–from quizzes, tests, assignments, and online discussion posts to essays, file attachments, and more.

K16 Solutions & GPTZero Combine Technologies

Successful testing of this combined technology is already underway at several institutions across the United States, including Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

“We understand the broader implications this type of AI technology will have on higher education,” said Ben Murray, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. “While the future of how this will be applied in higher ed is still unknown, we are pleased to be at the forefront of collaborating with some of the most renowned leading-edge education technology companies to test their solutions to this problem.” 

This technology eliminates the manual process of faculty spot-checking student submissions one by one for potential AI-generated content. It also provides academic leaders with a complete and holistic picture of just how much student-submitted content across their institution is potentially AI-generated.

“In the past month, over 1.2M people have tried GPTZero, and 40K+ teachers have signed up for GPTZero’s educator waitlist,” said Edward Tian, Founder of GPTZero. “We are incredibly excited to collaborate with K16 to improve and transform GPTZero’s AI detection model into a solution built for teachers and educators.”

“We’re thrilled by the opportunity to partner with GPTZero in order to apply this incredible technology at scale,” said Steve Mildner, Chief Operating Officer at K16 Solutions. “K16’s unique ability to access and migrate data combined with GPTZero’s groundbreaking AI detection will help faculty and leadership better understand what’s happening inside their educational ecosystems relative to AI.”

About K16 Solutions:

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About GPTZero: GPTZero is building the safeguards so that AI technologies are adopted responsibly. Our flagship product is an AI text detection solution built especially for educators from conversations with hundreds of teachers and professors. To try our initial beta, visit

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