K16 & Instructure Offer Customers a Live Archiving Solution

K16 Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in EdTech for content and data migration and integration, announced today it is expanding its partnership with Instructure, Inc. to offer its Canvas LMS customers a live, state-of-the-art archiving solution.

Scaffold Archiving by K16 Solutions is a user-friendly archiving platform that fully integrates with Canvas and allows customers to practice better data hygiene by archiving their aging content and securing student data.

Unlike typical cold-storage archiving methods where data is difficult to access and restore, Scaffold Archiving fully integrates with Canvas. Archived data remains completely accessible in Scaffold, making it easy for institutions to restore full, readable content to Canvas with a click of a button.

K16 Solutions has been providing an archiving solution for many years as clients moved to Canvas from other LMS platforms. However, in collaboration with Instructure and after incorporating feedback from the market, K16 has expanded on this existing solution to allow existing Canvas clients to back up and archive all of their student and course-level data.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Instructure by offering Canvas customers a sophisticated archiving solution that will allow them to archive their aging content and back up sensitive student data,” said Steve Mildner, Chief Operating Officer at K16 Solutions. “A more user-friendly archiving platform in higher education has long been overdue, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this breakthrough with Instructure.”

“Our partnership with K16 Solutions continues to add immense value to customers,” said Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Instructure. “Instructure is dedicated to bringing about innovative solutions that simplify customers’ lives, and this breakthrough archiving technology provided by K16 Solutions is a great example of this. We’re excited Canvas customers now have this unique, state-of-the-art archiving solution.”

About K16 Solutions:

Founded by experienced higher education leaders, faculty, and academic entrepreneurs, K16 Solutions solves the biggest EdTech challenges facing institutions today. Using its proprietary technology, schools can, for the first time, quickly and seamlessly migrate LMS platforms, archive online courses and student data, and extract and integrate data from major enterprise systems. To learn more, visit  www.k16solutions.com.

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