3 Top Features Your Data Integration Solution Needs

3 Top Features Your Data Integration Solution Needs

For too long, institutions have made decisions based on fragmented, difficult-to-gather data. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, having seamless access to all your enterprise data is crucial for informed decision-making. 

Is it time to ask for more out of your enterprise data? Here are three top features your data integration solution needs to provide your institution with the most valuable information. 

1. Data is near real-time

To be the most useful, data must be recent and updated regularly. Near real-time is ideal. Or, at least “right time”–depending on how easy it is to extract data from the source system and when you must have it to make decisions.

You can’t make good decisions with skewed or delayed data. Ask yourself, “How often do I need grade data from the LMS to intervene with a student who may need help?” Checking in once or twice during an academic term is not enough. Waiting until the term is complete is even worse. Delayed data is how students fall through the cracks and retention and graduation rates plummet. 

2. Data is in one central place

Many institutions don’t have the right data to flow into reports they’re building in analytics tools like Tableau, Power BI, Looker, and others. 

To get all your data in one central place, you must have a complete picture of the data you are leveraging to answer the question you are asking of it. This means connecting combined data to your reports from a central repository for maximum efficiency.

3. Data is organized and easy to understand

You make better decisions when you can easily navigate a platform with all the data you need. The data model in your central repository must provide transparency–it’s easy to understand where the data came from, how it’s stored, and how it relates. 

All too often, data integration solution providers are a “black box” for their users. They provide little to no data transparency for the reporting stakeholders–only the promise of a set of pre-defined, highly customized reports that can’t be refined or expanded upon throughout the year as needs and priorities change across the institution.

Get the most out of your enterprise data

get the most out of your data integration solution

Is your current data integration solution lacking one of these top three features?

Unlike outdated solutions on the market, Scaffold DataX provides near real-time data in one central location in a way that is organized and easy to understand. This innovative method of gathering relevant data together provides a 360-degree view of your institutional data, transforming the way you retrieve, report, and analyze information. By placing the data in a neutral model and storing it in a data warehouse, Scaffold DataX ensures a cleaner and more accurate representation of your institutional data.

Want to see how DataX can work for your institution? Schedule a free demo with one of our data integration solution experts.