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Modernize Your Student Data Archiving Process

Education technology advances at lightning speed. Yet, some higher ed processes, like archiving student data, remain stubbornly stuck in the past, leading to frustration and unnecessary expense.

Traditional archiving options—via cold storage or a read-only access to a legacy LMS platform—are clunky, costly, and outdated. In either case, the content is not integrated with your LMS, which makes retrieving that content nearly impossible.

Consider the benefits of modernizing your student data archiving process.

1. Integration with your LMS

A modern archiving solution, such as Scaffold Archiving from K16 Solutions, fully integrates with your existing LMS. This allows you to stop paying your legacy LMS provider just to store and access student data.

With Scaffold Archiving, you can retain your student data on an integrated solution and capture content such as enrollment information, student submissions, discussions, and replies, file attachments, assignments, quizzes, feedback, and gradebooks.

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2. Immediate access to student data and course content

Using a modern archiving solution means watching course content get pushed from the archives into your LMS and come out clean on the other side. Readable, understandable content transfers over as quickly as you can hit a button labeled “Sync to LMS.”

Scaffold Archiving allows you to access archived content whenever and wherever you want and retain the option of migrating course content in the future.

3. Affordability

A modern archiving solution should cost less than an outdated and older solution (such as a legacy LMS). Remember, if your institution has recently migrated to a new LMS, you’re most likely still getting billed just to keep archived data on your legacy LMS.

The savings you realize with Scaffold Archiving will allow you to reinvest resources into other critical departments or areas.

There’s finally a better way for your institution to archive data. If you want to explore a state-of-the-art archiving solution for your institution, talk with one of our student data archiving experts.