What Is Automated LMS Migration?

The time has come. After years of consideration and debate, your institution has decided to move to a new learning management system (LMS). You’ve found the perfect fit–a system with the right features and tools that suit all of your school’s needs. You’re excited and ready to move on…but are you ready for the migration process? You might want to consider automated LMS migration.

The problem with manual LMS migration

If you’ve done any research about your options or if you’ve been through one of these transitions before, you know how messy, stressful, and burdensome they can be. 

Worried about losing files or data? Or maybe what’s keeping you up at night is the worry that content might transfer over in a big mess. This could cause mayhem for faculty and staff. 

If you’re using manual migration methods such as cartridge exports or even bulk migration provided by your new LMS, you could be setting your institution up for this nightmare. 

There is another option. One that has finally caught up with the speed of EdTech innovations: automated LMS migration.

What is automated LMS migration?

Automated LMS migration is the ability to effortlessly transfer data from one LMS to another without any extra labor involved. This means NO copying and pasting any course content.

With an automated migration solution, you’ll be able to cleanly and efficiently one-to-one match all content from one platform to another. This includes:

  • Assessments,
  • Assignments,
  • Gradebooks,
  • Attachments,
  • And files. 

Even features that no longer exist in the new platform, like quizzes or question pools, can transfer over with custom solutions.

Currently, there is only one solution that is truly automated: Scaffold LMS Migration.

Scaffold LMS migration delivers proven results

students studying

In an effort to support institutions in providing the best learning experience for their students, K16 Solutions developed sophisticated but simple technology that uses a one-to-one matching process so all course content from the legacy LMS migrates over completely and fully to the new LMS.

This technology has empowered institutions to be able to change their LMS when they want, how they want.

For comparison, methods such as common cartridge exports and bulk migration can take up to a week just to transfer 1-2 courses; and much of the content that moves over is incomplete and fragmented–requiring considerable manual intervention.

Scaffold LMS Migration can complete transitioning all courses in 90-120 days

Don’t just take our word for it–hear from fellow institutions we’ve worked with.

“When we saw the K16 Solutions LMS migration process and the results from it, it really was a night and day difference.”

Jeff Trondsen, LMS & eLearning Applications Administrator at Ithaca College

”They kept the flow going because they know their business. They’ve done this before, and we have not. It would have been utter chaos moving the stuff over by ourselves.”

Lisa Manley, Director of Online Studies at Goodwin University

Take a look at some of our case studies to learn more about how we’ve helped institutions like yours. 

Want to see first-hand how your organization can transition with an automated LMS migration solution? Get a free demo where we will use actual content in your current platform to show you what it will look like in the new.

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